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October 2022

Welcome to Darrell Fischer (G1 Biophysics) and Malvika Dua (G1 Neuroscience), doing rotations in our group!

September 2022

Paul Masset’s collaborative work with the Pehlevan group is accepted to NeurIPS 2022.

August 2022

New preprint on work co-led by Liz Shtrahman and Alice Berners-Lee, with help from Julien Grimaud.

Welcome to Leannah Newman, a Neuroscience graduate student joining our group.

Welcome to Masters students Elizabeth Daramola (Boston Univ) and Noé Hamou (EPSCI France), who will intern with us.

June 2022

Work led by Nuné Martiros, on the olfactory tubercle and odor-value association is published in eLife.

Preprint on probabilistic inference in spiking networks. Wonderful collaboration with the Pehlevan group.

Welcome to summer research student, Jo Hoskins, joining from Amherst College!

April 2022

Multi-animal pose estimation and analysis published in Nature Methods!

New paper on hippocampal replays by Alice Berner-Lee, from her PhD work, in Neuron. Congratulations!

March 2022

Congratulations to Harvard College Firstyears, Suhanee and Jonah, on getting the coveted PRISE and Harvard Data Science Initiative SPUDS awards respectively, for research during the upcoming Summer term!

Exciting new paper from Abby Finkelstein, on her previous work on social interactions and memory, in PNAS. Her wonderful research image made the cover! Congratulations!

January 2022

News about our exciting new collaboration with NTT Research on relating animal behavior and AI.

We wrote a commentary in PNAS on the elegant work by Reddy et al on odor trail tracking.

December 2021

Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Harvard is announced! Stories here and here.

November 2021

Review in Ann Rev in Condens Matter Phys on olfactory sensing and navigation with Gautam Reddy and Massimo Vergassola.

Preprint from Nuné Martiros and others from our group. October 2021 Nuné Martiros has joined Foresite Labs, to help launch exciting new startups! All the best!

September 2021

New publication, led by lab alumnus Geoff Lau, in the Journal of Cellular Physiology.

August 2021

We bid goodbye to Hao Wu, who started his new position at Octagon Capital. Good luck!

July 2021
Joe Zak will start his faculty position at Univ of Illinois at Chicago in early 2022. Hearty congratulations!

February 2021

Our lab members were involved in 3 Cosyne meeting posters (1-060, 2-099, 2-111).

October 2020

Julien Grimaud started his position as Assistant Professor at Sup’Biotech in France. Congratulations!

September 2020

Abby Finkelstein joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!

August 2020

Former lab member Alexander Mathis starts his own group at EPFL. Congratulations and best wishes!

Former graduate student Jenelle Wallace starts her postdoctoral fellowship in Alex Pollen‘s group. All the best!

Former Harvard college student Konrad Urban starts his PhD at CMU’s Program in Neural Computation. All the best!

July 2020

Paul Masset’s paper from his graduate work in the Kepecs Lab @ CSHL out in Cell!

Joe Zak’s paper is published in Nature Communications! An overview is here.

Congrats to Spencer Kim (Harvard class of 2020), who  was elected to Phi Beta Kappa!

May 2020

Joe Zak and Jenelle Wallace wrote a nice comment in Nature Reviews Neuroscience on reducing the environmental impact of (neuro)science research. See also this news piece.

April 2020

Jenelle Wallace successfully defended her PhD thesis – congratulations, Dr. Wallace!

Exciting work by a former graduate student Dan Millman is out in the Journal of Neuroscience. An explainer is here.

Julien Grimaud successfully defended his PhD thesis – congratulations, Dr. Grimaud!

Bo Liu from the MCO graduate program joins our group to do work in theoretical/computational neuroscience. Welcome, Bo!

March 2020

Jenelle Wallace’s fabulous work on the role of microglia in adult neurogenesis, a collaboration with Beth Stevens, is out in eLife!

New bioRxiv preprint on a study led by Julien Grimaud – a great collaboration with the Pehlevan group!

January 2020

Congratulations to Jenelle Wallace for winning the Bowdoin Prize for essay writing at Harvard. Here’s her marvelous essay!

Joe Zak gets the official notice of award of his K99 – congratulations!

November 2019

Joe Zak’s elegant work (with Gautam Reddy and Massimo Vergassola) on antagonistic odor interactions in olfactory sensory neurons is on bioRxiv!

Bo Liu and Stephan Foianini, two MCO graduate students, are rotating in the lab. Welcome!

October 2019

We welcome Rebecca Fisher, our new Research Assistant!

August 2019

Long overdue! Exciting PhD work on rapid odor learning by Dan Millman finally on bioRxiv.

Fabulous collaboration with Beth Stevens, led by Jenelle Wallace, now on bioRxiv.

July 2019

Paper on adult neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb, to which Jenelle Wallace contributed important data, is published in eLife.

Welcome to Kunal Shroff, from Duke, visiting as an Amgen Scholar for the summer.

Hao Wu is off for a summer internship at Verily.

June 2019

Welcome to Paul Masset and Selina Qian, postdoctoral fellow and graduate student respectively, joint with the Uchida group.

Jenelle Wallace attends a Neuroscience course in Paris, Nuné Martiros speaks at the IBAGS conference in Biarritz, Julien Grimaud presents a poster at NeuroFrance, and Joe Zak speaks at the Harvard-LMU Young Scientists Forum in Munich

January 2019

Nice video on our work on ant trail tracking in the New York Times (Science Take by James Gorman). Can also be watched on Youtube

Congratulations to Nuné Martiros for winning an NRSA (fellowship) from the NIH!

December 2018

Our work showing that the one glomerulus -> one olfactory receptor rule is disrupted in mice that lack olfactory marker protein is out in Nat Comms. Nearly 15 years in the making!

October 2018

Our paper on ant odor trail tracking out in J. Exp. Biol. News piece here. Congrats to Ryan Draft, Matt McGill and Vikrant Kapoor

August 2018

DeepLabCut paper is out in Nature Neuroscience, with a generous News & Views piece on it!

Three wonderful student-researchers enrich the lab this summer: High-school student Nate Lopes, Master’s student Rachele Catalano and MCO/EPB graduate student (rotation) Kumaresh Krishnan.

July 2018

Paper by Joe Zak and Julien Grimaud out in Scientific Reports.

Nice piece in The Atlantic on the wonderful markerless tracking method developed by Alexander Mathis, Mackenzie Mathis and Matthias Bethge!

May 2018

Congratulations to Danny Pohl and Manny Alvarez Romero, Harvard College ’18 graduates!

Julien’s review on methods to monitor breathing in rodents out in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

April 2018

Joe Zak’s collaborative paper with the Vergassola group at UCSD out in eLife!

Elisa Galliano’s paper, a collaboration with Matt Grubb‘s group, now published in eLife!

Welcome to Souvik Mandal, who joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow.

Exciting new method developed by Alexander Mathis, working with the Bethge and Mathis labs, available as preprint on arXiv.

March 2018

New preprint in bioRxiv by Joe Zak and Julien Grimaud on amplification vs. activity clamping in olfactory receptor neurons

A wonderful collaboration with the Macklis group, published in Nature Neuroscience

Welcome to Sonia Wang and Konrad Urban, two Harvard college student doing  research in our group!

October 2017

Alexander Mathis’ collaborative work with the Dulac lab on encoding of social information in the amygdala out in Cell!

Our paper on adult neurogenesis, by Jenelle Wallace and Martin Wienisch, is out in Neuron!

New preprint in bioRxiv by Joe Zak – combining theory & experiments, in collaboration with the Vergassola lab at UCSD!

September 2017

New preprint in bioRxiv by Elisa Galliano on dopaminergic neurons in the olfactory bulb!

August 2017

Julien Grimaud wins a Merit Fellowship from Harvard GSAS.

New paper from the lab published in Scientific Reports.

July 2017

Venki started a 3-year term as the Chair of MCB.

Jin Wu, a Masters student at MIT, joined the lab to work on her Masters’ thesis – welcome!

June 2017

Nuné Martiros, who got her Ph.D. at MIT, joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow – welcome!

Congratulations to Julien Grimaud, who is officially a candidate for a Ph.D. now after passing his qualifying exam!

May 2017

Hao Wu from the Chemistry graduate program joins the lab for his PhD – welcome!

Lexi Ding, Matt McGill and Julia Lord graduated from Harvard Class of 2017 – congratulations! Matt and Julia wrote their senior theses based on research in the lab.

Congratulations to Julia Lord for winning the Dowling Thesis Prize for the best senior thesis in Neurobiology

April 2017

Congratulations to Jenelle Wallace and Joe Zak on their predoctoral and postdoctoral NRSAs from the NIH!

Kevin Mizes from the Biophysics program completes his very productive rotation, and Hao Wu from the Chemistry program starts his rotation

March 2017

Congratulations to Harvard College students Julia Lord and Matt McGill for submitting their senior thesis!

Harvard College student Manny Alvarez Romero joins the group. Welcome!

November 2016

Q&A with Venki published in Current Biology

Welcome to Harvard College students Jessica Kim and Danny Pohl as they join our group.

September 2016

Two new papers from our group published recently in Scientific Reports and Neuron.

Congratulations to Dan Rokni who started his new position as a faculty member at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Thanks to all the wonderful undergraduate students that worked on exciting research projects over the summer: Miruna Cristus, Lexi Ding, Julia Lord, Matt McGill and Alan Wei.

June 2016

Welcome to undergraduate students Miruna Cristus (Harvard) and Alan Wei (Stanford), who will do research in our lab over the summer.

Welcome to Julien Grimaud, a graduate student in the MCO program, who will do his doctoral research in our group.

Congratulations to Grace Huckins, who graduated from Harvard College and is headed to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar!

April 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Millman on successfully defending his doctoral thesis!

Welcome to Leo Guarneri who joins us as a visiting scholar from Federal University of Minas Gerais.

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