Undergraduate Education

Prof. Murthy served as the Head Tutor of the Neurobiology concentration at Harvard College from 2008 to 2017. It is currently the most popular major in life sciences at Harvard. He currently teaches a Gen Ed course at the intersection of two exciting fields – neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Graduate Education

Prof. Murthy is an active member of several graduate programs, including Biophysics, MCO and PiN. He was the co-Chair of the Biophysics graduate program (one of the oldest interdisciplinary graduate programs at Harvard) from 2018-2022.


Prof. Murthy teaches courses at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.


Gen Ed 1125: Artificial and Natural Intelligence
This Gen Ed (General Education) course is meant as a broad introduction to AI and neuroscience. Students from non-STEM fields as well as those in STEM are welcome.


MCB80: Neurobiology of Behavior
This general, introductory course highlights the ways in which the brain controls mental activities.

MCB115: Cellular basis of neuronal function
This course is for advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students, and focuses on basic physiology, cell biology and biophysics of neurons.

MCB 292: Cellular Biology, Neurobiology and Developmental Biology
This course is for graduate students as an advanced survey of the three titular topics.

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